Big & Fit

Big & Fit

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Val has a big, loving, but rough boyfriend named Ken and she ends up needing physical therapy.  There she meets Rhea, a woman that promises Val she will be able to handle Ken.   Val also meets Gina, a tall slightly fit woman that teases Val for her small size.  Something happens at physical therapy and the next day Val is bigger and more muscular than Gina!  Outraged, Gina demands some of that for herself, and tries to take it by force!  Val with her boyfriend Ken and Gina with her girlfriend Talia later find during sex that sexual stimulation enhances the growing and muscle growth effect too!  What's causing this and how is Rhea causing all this growing?  Find out in Big & Fit!  This comic contains giantess, FMG, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, growth competitiion, body size comparisons between growing amazon and normal size muscular man and growing amazon and normal size woman,  amazon growth during sex and sexual activities with man, amazon growth during sexual activities with woman,  oral sex from mini giantess amazon to normal size woman and from normal size woman to mini giantess amazon and more!

Collectors Edition includes all images with and without text, a full color before and after muscle growth clothes ripping sequence featuring sexy cleric Shade, an unused render from Big & Fit featuring the girls doing excercise together, a Old Photo style render of Big & Fit where one of the girls has grown much larger than she has in this comic, advanced full color preview of Nozama Idol featuring one very large Jade squeezing into a car, barely, and advanced full color preview of UV ME 2 featuring the returning characters, and more!

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