B.A.D. SchoolGirls

B.A.D. SchoolGirls

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Three beautiful but dangerous schoolgirls are punished by their teacher for bullying their classmate. They will trick him and he will lose control of the situation. He will try to get back in control but just when this happens the girls will start to grow taller and sexier and his trouble escalate! This series is a crescendo of growth sequences with a lot of action included. Every girl grows into a different body type: fit, voluptuous and slender. Their body will change completely after they grow into giantesses: their breasts, legs, ass, hips, waist won’t be the same size as they started. There is unique different growth on each girl to match her body type (i.e.: huge breast expansion and wider hips for the voluptuous girl, muscle definition and a little muscular growth for the fit girl).

It’s all all action and growth oriented with several growth sequences: particular care was taken for outgrowing what they are wearing so the clothes keep being smaller and smaller while the girls grow bigger and bigger. There are also several height comparisons and growth races between girls.

This is a must if you’re a growth fan. All sequences are animated.

Watch 3 beautiful schoolgirls grow into giantesses!

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Finally something new from

Finally something new from you

Thank you so much Peyoso!!!

Thank you so much Peyoso!!!

I know that its probably too

I know that its probably too early to ask about when will the second chapter will be released, but I will really appreciate to know at least an estimated time.

and about estimated times, how long do you think well need to wait til the new Jessica and Michael is ready?



Second part should be ready

Second part should be ready by July if not it will be September (but I hope to be faster).

JnM should be out in June.


Thanks again!

AlexGTSartist thanks for the

AlexGTSartist thanks for the great work and I cant wair for part 2 of this☺. I'm sad I can't become a patreon because I need a creditcard for it otherwise I would 100% because I enjoy your stories and now I can't get unstable growth etc. FeelsBadMan 


Keep up the good work and GL HF with making them ;)