The Atlas Touch

The Atlas Touch

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Be careful what you wish for...or what someone else wishes for you! Beautiful Lily makes a wish at the wishing well for Russ, not knowing what kind of big trouble she just made for him and herself! Anytime Russ, who works at a local Spa and Gym, touches a woman she grows taller and stronger, and the more he touches the stronger the effect! 3 different women feel the effect of Russ touch in "The Atlas Touch".

GTS, Mini GTS, FMG, BE, Clothes/shoe ripping, room filling destruction(twice), growth during 2 different sex scenes, growth during bench pressing, growth in the spa, face sitting, titty fucking, cum shot on growing woman face and chest, ceiling and floor busting from growth, and more!

Growth is caused by hand touch. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3300. Written by ZZZ, lines by Oscar Celestini, colors by Andrea Celestini. This is in PDF format.

Check out the collectors edition which is 51 pages including full page previews to upcoming illustrated comics, sketch work and character designs from Atlas Touch, line art from Atlas Touch, and a sexy 6 panel growth sequence illustrated and colored by Oscar Celestini!

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