June IS different!

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June IS different!

Hey you all, I thought I would make a blog post to explain how things happened this month. First about FUNKY SPICE #6 BEING FREE… I thought it was time for the people who have been hesitant to follow the story to get a new sample, obviously there has been some work done with the layouts, the bubbles and the general image quality in the comic. That’s all thanks to the support, both moral and financial of the readership.  Its also a little shorter than a standard 32 pages issue.

I’m really happy with Issue #6 but there is another reason I wanted it to be free. Half of it is a recap from Jennifer’s point of view so there is not much new content there except maybe a joke or two, also the whole issue tells the events that happen over the course of 3 days, with the growth/transformation rate I use in Funky spice, there is not much to see on that front and I mean EVEN LESS than in a regular issue which tells a story that spawns over weeks and sometimes months. (Jennifer has been growing an average of slightly more than 1" per month)

Also, I’m committed to giving free stuff now and then and “sometimes” gives me some feedback from those who prefer not to spend their money on my material. Different tastes or other reasons are perfectly fine. I don’t like everything I see and I sure don’t buy everything I see myself. And that’s the reason I could not give away “Something different” for free, In my mind it would have been misleading because it IS very different from Funky Spice so I wouldn’t want someone getting the idea after seeing “Something different” that he or she would find the same type of entertainment when buying Funky Spice.

Fun thing: I’m going to submit FS#6 to “The Overflowing Bra” just for kicks. The critics there went ballistic about FS#1… They genuinely hated it! And I think they hate me too… But at least they said something about it. So if you want to download a PDF version it will probably be available there.

And now… What is “Something different”? There are 2 ways to see it. Originally it was thought as a young model’s final effort at making it big in the business. But you can also see it as the events leading to the first appearance of the monster “Quadzilla!” In a matter of a few hours, Roxanne grows from 5’8” to roughly 27” and acquires attributes of massive seduction as well as some fearsome looks along the way.

Quadzilla was created for a Commissioned series of independent images but like all my works, they live in the same fake world where time and space are confusing notions and the laws of physics are a suggestion at best. So we might see more of Roxanne and Quadzilla in the future even if there are no current plans for a series featuring them. I guess it depends a little on the feedback I get from this new story.

I hope YOU guys have a good time reading either or both of these stories and don’t forget to “Rate” the stories… it takes but a second to click!

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