Building stories of comics proportions

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Building stories of comics proportions

Giantess, amazons, foot and crush fetish, physical transformations of various kinds… fans and artists of all those genres converge more or less to the same communities. How did we get into those particular deviations and what exactly sparks our interests or sometimes, arousal? Which detail, what story or situation? Last month Bmtbguy told us about his addiction, so here is a little bit about mine.


I remember as a kid, Is often found the stories, TV shows and comics that had giant characters or character that would become larger the most interesting, especially those that were not usually ABOUT a giant character. Those episodes where it happened were the most interesting, the most exciting (not in a sexual way, there is nothing sexy about 1947’s king size canary or growing insecticons)


But you can’t be a kid forever, at some point you have to turn into an awkward teenager with low self-esteem and then from that point… EVERYTHING becomes about sex. Fantasies of size-changing women entered my dreams pretty much at the same time as the girls around me started growing into women, fueling the flames of my fantasies even more. Unfortunately, not everyone is born to be a teenage sex symbol. I certainly was not one of them, so I played dungeons and dragons with my nerdy friends and together we would create these crazy stories with recurring villains and political intrigues. I learned English through those games…


It took a while before I really understood that taller women were my thing, being a little on the short side, I thought I should follow the rules and stick to short girlfriends. Until a taller girl took interest in me and it didn’t feel as awkward as I thought it would be, a few months later I made a move on another girl who was also taller than me and that’s when I understood that being below average height for a man was not a curse but a blessing. The shorter you are, the more you are surrounded by women of amazon stature. (Relatively speaking)


When someone FINALLY invented the internet, I began my search for people and sites of similar interest. One of the first sites I found was Diana the Valkyrie. At that point I was already an amateur writer, I wrote mostly in my native language. Stories about anti-hero spy characters that kept my former clique of RPG gamers entertained. So I tried my hand at writing Growth stories (most of them never were good enough to be worth sharing) and when I finally reached a point where I felt that my writing skill (in English) was good enough to start sharing I felt that what my stories really needed was pictures.


To be continued…

Don't you love real stories?

Don't you love real stories? Looking for its continuation, of course. 



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